The Old Village Association is a 501C(3) organization governed by a Board of Directors, operating for charitable and educational purposes. To this end, we

  • support and enhance our neighborhood’s many resources, for example through aiding in the purchase of beach land at the end of Andrew Harding’s Lane, and the restoration of Water Street’s public access to the beach.
  • hold an annual meeting to keep members apprised of important events affecting our neighborhood, share concerns and ideas, and welcome engaging and pertinent speakers.
  • publish an award-winning online newsletter as well as special features that include fascinating memoirs, histories of places and memorable Old Village personalities, exceptional photo essays and timely news.
  • offer special resources for preservation-minded homeowners on our website, which highlights our history and the creativity of our members who come from all walks of life.
  • keep our members abreast of special publications and locally relevant happenings via social media.
  • host our summer Wine and Cheese gathering at the historic Porches overlooking Mill Pond, an eagerly attended event, along with a changing roster of other community activities.

Sound fun? It is! When you become a member, you’ll enjoy these many benefits, as well as the knowledge that you are helping to keep our history alive and relevant.

Memberships are for the January – December calendar year

Single Membership $5.00
Family Membership $10.00

Please complete the following form to start a new membership or renew your existing membership.

Returning Members may write “Same” in any field that has not changed in the last year.
(You can confirm this by looking at the mailing label on the membership form that was mailed to you.)