Welcome to the Old Village Association

The Old Village is a living, breathing and active participant in the history of Chatham and Cape Cod, and has been since its early days as “Scrabbletown” – when grit and perseverance were essential to homesteading and doing business here.

The Old Village Association is dedicated to preserving the unique beauty of our architectural setting, so that it continues to inspire, comfort, and welcome generations to come. Since our founding in 1997 we have advocated to preserve and protect our historic neighborhood, and fostered a sense of lively community among our members. In 2001 the Association co-sponsored, with the Chatham Historical Commission, a successful application placing the Old Village on the National Register of Historic Places. We invite you to learn more about the special benefits of membership in our Association and hope you will consider supporting our vital work.

Membership in the Old Village Association
is open to anyone interested in supporting our purpose and goals. Join us today!