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Our membership includes many gifted authors, artist and filmmakers! Here's how to find out more about the construction, characters and creatures of Chatham and its environs.

Annual Events

The Old Village is host to an exceptional variety of residential and commercial architecture, which provides a unique backdrop to our traditional yearly events, including our Annual Meeting at the Chatham Beach and Tennis Club, the family favorite Kids For Food Drive, and our Wine and Cheese gathering, typically enjoyed at the Porches with its magnificent view of the Mill Pond. Cape Abilities' Farm To Table Market, First Light Boatworks, and ARC Hatchery are vital businesses that continue the long tradition of provision and artisanry that enriches our community experience.

OVA Author Books

Below is a sampling of the literary and artistic talent in our community. You can find most of these books locally at Yellow Umbrella Books and Where The Sidewalk Ends

Book cover: OVA Step by Step

Step By Step - A Guided Walk Through an Historic Neighborhood in Chatham, Massachusetts
Old Village Association, Inc. 2005

A remarkable and fascinating blend of architectural survey and social history, and much more than a walking tour of the Old Village. This is an indispensable guide to the ethos of our community's forebears, as well as offering entertaining profiles of some of its colorful characters.

Book cover: Creative Spirit

The Creative Spirit: Art and Artists in Chatham's Old Village, 2004
Carol Pacun
Old Village Association, Inc. 2005

Features profiles of past and present Old Village artists, with examples of their diverse work.

Book cover: Dusk to Dawn

Dusk To Dawn - The Old Village At Night
Portfolio of Prints - set of ten signed prints from Dusk to Dawn in heavyweight acid-free paper, no text, boxed for presentation.
E. Joan Horrocks
Marquis Press 2012
Email or the Atwood House Museum

A unique limited-edition book of delightful photographs with running text by E. Joan Horrocks.

Book cover: FolkArt

Folk Art of Cape Cod and the Islands
Jeanne Marie Carley
Schiffer 2014

This book recounts the histories of the hard working, entrepreneurial people of Cape Cod. Among the fascinating items displayed are portraits and silhouettes, landscapes; maritime sculpture and scrimshaw; trade figures and signs; gravestones, carousel art; wood carvings; weathervanes and whirligigs; religious and decorative art; textiles including quilts and samplers.

Mill Cove + A Family Album of the 20's
David P. MacAdam + Anne J. Rogers
Old Village Association 2002

A wealth of information and lore is found in these books by two life-long residents of the Old Village. Numerous source documents and personal experience inform these eloquent histories.

Book cover: I Am Cape Cod

I Am of Cape Cod
John Whelan + Kim Rodriques (photographer)
Sockpirate Publishing 2017

This eloquent book features 140 Cape Codders chosen from each of the Cape's fifteen towns: old and young, prominent and unknown, from all walks of life. Participants submitted a short passage about their life on Cape Cod, accompanied by photographs, and a short description of each by the author.

For Kids!

Book cover: Beachy and Me

Beachy And Me
Random House 2016
The Orb of Chatham
Commonwealth Editions 2005
Bob Staake

"Staake's signature digital illustrations boast a summery array of colors . . . As the rhyming text bounces evenly along, young readers will be swept away by this whale of a friendship tale." - Booklist

With stunning black-and-white artwork, Cape Cod author-illustrator Bob Staake tells the tale of five witnesses who vanished inexplicably after reporting a strange floating "orb" in Chatham, Massachusetts, in 1935.

The Adventures of Plimoth Plantation As Told by the Mayflower Mouse
Marian "Hannah" Carlson
iUniverse 2020,

A fresh and engaging perspective on one of the most pivotal events in America's history. Through delightful narration, vibrant illustrations and excerpts from historical documents, children can form a deeper appreciation of how the Pilgrims' sacrifices paved the way to a nation built on the spirit of freedom while working with the Wampanoag. Passages from the William Bradford's journal demonstrate the value of journal-keeping, and encourage readers to research their unique family histories and document findings as they embark on their own adventures.

Bertie's Adventure At The Beach 2016
Bertie And The Lost Treasure of Skull Island 2017
Bertie's Adventure At Monomoy Point 2019
John Hutchinson
Hummingbird Publishing

The enchanting adventures of a curious mouse and his experiences as he journeys from home, with beautiful illustrations by the author and his daughter Scout in turn. Nature and life lessons round out each compelling story.